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    My name is Roberto and I am from Venice, Italy.

    A gift from the universe this is, to grow up in a plays full of so much history, beauty, art, elegance and sun.

    Almost every Italian has within himself a passion, a deep connection at least one of four- football, cookery, art and fashion. Football is a passion for me and thanks to Italy- fashion is another sense for me. When I am stood in front of the symbol of Venice- its canals II take a look around. Looking at the architecture, the sun reflecting in the water beneath, the gondolas… I think of the unusual. The extraordinary.

    One day I just said to myself- ‘This view, there has to be a way to capture all of this into one simple thing, something to remind me of this place. ‘The reflection of the sun Is represented through the glass. The gondolas are the wooden material that we use and the architecture is captured in the detailed designs. I combined all of this into one and that is how we came up with Clandestino! Thanks to the help of a small and creative team, people who believed in my dream, we created the glasses from Venice!

    We, the team of Clandestino, are nature lovers. That is why in the workmanship of these glasses, we do not use endangered trees. We use certified wooden material- FSC certificate.

    Clandestino Veneto is an official partner of the Forest & Life Movement Foundation. Their aim is to protect forest areas and their recovery from the damage made by illegal or the uncontrolled cutting down of trees. We are also sponsors of the Seeds of Change project, thanks to which we have the opportunity to plant trees in countries like Equador, France, Peru and several others.

    The materials that we use are

    Wood: ebony , acacia , maple, walnut , bamboo , oak, rosewood , Zebra wood , recycled skateboard decks

    Metal: stainless steel, titan

    Acetat: bio degradable material resembling plastic made ​​from cotton